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The CDRA assisted in developing the current Certification of Recycling Rates (CORR) program for C&D recycling facilities, which the Recycling Certification Institute now administers. The involvement was predicated on furthering one of the Association’s core values of transparency and legitimacy. The CORR program audits recycling facilities to provide governmental bodies, contractors, and customers with accurate and transparent recycling metrics. The CORR program also provides a platform for users of the information to compare facilities on a level reporting playing field confidently. It was developed in response to the widespread abuse of unverified recycling rates of facilities that added risk to achieving recovery goals under the LEED program. RCI’s program has gained the trust of the USGBC because it was developed to ISO-Level Standards. As part of the CDRA’s ongoing commitment to transparency and legitimacy, all CDRA members who become certified receive a discount on the certification fees in the CORR program.

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