Gypsum Recycling Committee

Gypsum Drywall RecyclingPost-consumer gypsum, largely derived from waste drywall, has been difficult to recover from the construction and demolition material stream. Over the years some companies have perfected methods to process the material into useful end products ranging from soil amendment to closing the loop into new wallboard. Now there is increased interest in getting more gypsum recovered, and to support these efforts the CDRA  teamed up with key stakeholders in gypsum recycling in order to move the industry forward.

The CDRA Gypsum Recycling Committee’s mission is to provide guidelines and other assistance in developing and expanding recovery and end markets for recovered gypsum. The committee is made up of companies involved in every step of the way in recovering drywall, including the manufacturers (and the Gypsum Association), contractors, processors, and end users to provide support for the drywall recycling industry.

All CDRA members are invited to attend committee meetings, many of which which occur monthly.

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Committee Chair:

Terry Weaver
USA Gypsum
Denver, PA