Why Recycle?

Recycled concrete aggregate:
  • Is high quality - meeting or exceeding all applicable state and federal specifications
  • Is an accepted source of aggregate into new concrete by ASTM and AASHTO.
  • Is currently being used in concrete and asphalt products with better performance over comparable virgin aggregates.
  • Provides for superior compaction and constructability.
  • Is higher yield - recycled aggregates are lighter weight per unit of volume, which means less weight per cubic yard, resulting in reduced material costs, haul costs, and overall project costs.
  • Weighs ten to fifteen percent (10%-15%) less than comparable virgin quarry products (concrete).
  • Offers a way to reduce landfill waste streams.
  • Means minimization of environmental impacts in an Urban Quarry setting.
For further proof of reasons to recycle, please see the Case Histories page.

Download: An Engineer’s Guide to Building Green With Concrete